Pro Volt Compact 300 Lithium Battery

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Need huge capacity and a high discharge rate in a compact package?

Measuring just 345mm L x 190mm W x 245mm H this compact Lithium battery is the smallest in its capacity class and is a drop in replacement for many 100 - 120ah AGM batteries*.

Up to 1/3 the weight and double the useable capacity of comparable AGM batteries. Manufactured with the highest quality Prismatic Cells and a premium Battery Management System allowing a high continuous discharge rate of 300 amps with a 900 amp peak. Suitable to run inverters up to 3500 watts.

Like all Provolt Batteries, the Compact 300 is designed and built in Australia and comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

280ah useable capacity @ 300 amp discharge
12.8 Volt
LiFePo4 Prismatic cells
300 amp continuous discharge rate
900 amp peak discharge rate
150 amp max charge rate
Cycle life 2000 to 5000 Cycles
Weight 25kg
Multi BMS System
Inbuilt cell balancing
345mm x 190m



Model No C300
Rated Voltage 12.8v
Amp Hr rating nominal 300
Amp Hr rating useable 280
Maximum continuous discharge rate 300a
Peak discharge rate< 3 sec 900a
Maximum charge rate 150a
Recommended charge voltage 14.4 - 14.8v
Overcharge cutout voltage- Battery 15.0v
Overcharge cutout voltage- Cell 3.8v
Low voltage cutout- Battery 10.0v
Low voltage cutout- Cell 2.3v
Cell Configuration 1p4s Prismatic
Cycle life >2500 @ 1c 100% DOD
Cell chemistry LiFePo4
Outlets Terminals
Weight kg 25
Dimensions L x W x H mm 345 x 190 x 245
Charging temperature range 0°c to +60°c
Discharge temperature range -20°c to +60°c
Warranty 5yr Replacement

Due to continuous product development, specifications may change without notice