Campere 120 (SolarKing) Lithium 120AH LiFe PO4 Caravan and Camping Solar Battery

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The Campere 120AH offers an extra 20% capacity over the 100AH version and only takes up slightly more space (334 x 175 x 219mm LxWxH).  Campere lithium batteries are ideally suited to the RV industry as they provide constant voltage during discharge, can be taken down to 20% capacity and recharge recovery time is much faster than a lead acid battery.  Not only that, they weigh much less than their lead acid equivalents.  A lead acid battery of this capacity weighs around 31.5KG. Our Campere 120AH lithium battery weighs only 15KG so a big weight saving that will cut your fuel bill down in the long term.  And just like the rest of the Campere lithium range of batteries, the 120AH features internal heavy duty management system with electronic cell monitoring.


Well, this depends on your power requirements.  In most cases where you are powering LED lights, a TV and recharging laptops and low power devices and your fridge is a 3 way unit able to run on gas, a single 100AH lithium battery will suffice.  With 300 watts or so of solar on your roof, you’ll be able to top up your batteries daily and even with several cloudy days when there is little solar charge coming back in, you’ll still have ample battery storage available.  If you do feel that you might only just have enough battery capacity and a buffer of 20% extra might be advantageous, then go for the 120AH.  For those of you who spend a fair amount of time away and running heavier load items such as a 2 way 12V fridge, inverter, lighting, TV etc, we would suggest a single 150AH or 200AH lithium battery or 2 x single 100AH or 120AH lithium batteries connected in parallel.  This is a huge amount of storage that will get you through those cloudy days until the sun comes back out and recharges your batteries via your solar panels.  


All Campere lithium batteries feature heavy-duty BMS circuitry inside the battery casing.  The BMS looks after the battery by monitoring the incoming charge voltage and the discharge voltage as well as temperature cut off in the unlikely event that the pack runs too hot.  The BMS will also protect your Campere battery by switching off the voltage output if the capacity reduces to 20% or less.  This prevents cell damage and can be reset and charged back up to an acceptable state of charge.  There is much debate about whether a standard lead-acid charger can be used with drop-in lithium LiFePo4 batteries with a built-in BMS.  From our research, we suggest that any charger can be used providing it has a custom profile.  Within the custom profile, charge rates should be set to 14.6V bulk/absorb charge and float turned off or set to 13.3V (equalisation must be set to zero or off). The benefit however of having a lithium specific charger is that the battery will be returned to a full state of charge faster and more efficiently.   How about weight? Big weight savings to be had by changing over to lithium.  Only 17.6KG for the 120AH. 


The Campere range of lithium LiFePo4 batteries is covered by an Australian 3-year warranty against defects and failure.  This is a return to base warranty and if found to be faulty, will be repaired or replaced during this period.

  • Weight: 15KG

  • Dimensions: 334 x 175 x 219mm

  • Amp rating: 120AH

  • Voltage rating: 12.8VDC

  • Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ +60°C

  • Maximum continuous current: 100A

  • Maximum surge current (10 seconds) – 200A

  • Recommended minimum charge current: 5A

  • Nominal charge current: 30A

  • Maximum charge current: 60A

  • Maximum charge voltage:

  • Single or parallel connect: 15V

  • Max In Series Voltage : 29V

  • Cycles @ 80% DOD : 2000 Cycles

  • Cycles@ 70% DOD : 3000 Cycles

  • Cycles@ 50% DOD : 3500 Cycles

  • Cycles@ 30% DOD : 8000 Cycles

  • Terminal type: T8

  • Low voltage cut off: 10.5VDC

  • Not suitable as a starter battery

  • Not suitable for under bonnet installations