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Maximum Loading 10 amps. This device is designed to accept 15amp Ordinary Duty Cable.

Do Not try to repair.

The device Must be unplugged to achieve isolation before any inspection or repair of the device is attempted.

Electricity can be Dangerous the POD will protect against Faults to Earth but not against Active to Neutral Faults. It is Not substitute for basic electrical precautions.

Do Not use a cord extension to connect the device to the wall socket outlet. Only use the power cord attached to the device.

Handle the device with care and only use as directed store in dry conditions.

IP44 is provided only when the plug inserted to the socket and the cord passed through its hole correctly.

If during use water is observed inside socket compartment, remove the drops and dry up inside before next use.

Do Not Immerse. If accidentally dropped please check for any damage before using. Do not use if damaged.

Test the device on a regular basis follow the test procedure shown below 1 to 6.

1/ Plug in the attached power cord to your home power outlet and turn on.

2/ Open the RCBO Cover (Safety switch)

3 / Switch the RCBO to the on Position (safety switch)

4 / Press the Yellow test button.

The test button does Not switch to the Off position Do Not Use. If the device fails to trip to the off position, or if it fails

to trip when tested in accordance with the instructions, seek advice from an electrical contractor or manufacturer.

If the test button switches to the Off position the unit is working correctly.

5 /Open the main cover then attach your 15 amp cord extension to the socket inside the main cover. Plug the cord extension to the Caravan or R.V. or other units that require may a 15 to 10amp conversion.

6/ Secure the cable using the cable clamp.

7/ Switch the RCBO to the ON position (Safety switch)

8/ Close the main cover ensuring the lock catch Double Clicks.

The correct method of use is as follow: