Pro Volt Slimline 105 lithium Battery

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Measuring less than 45mm deep, this is the slimmest 105ah lithium battery available and allows fitment in the tightest of areas. Slide it behind a seat, mount it against a wall or in the back of a cupboard, up to 1/3 the weight and double the useable capacity of comparable AGM batteries.
Featuring high discharge and charge rates, 175 amp & 50 amp Anderson plugs plus terminal posts and a durable powder coated finish, this battery offers the ultimate in flexibility and is built to last. Suitable to run inverters up to 1500 watts. 

All our batteries are proudly designed and built in Australia using only premium quality components and the highest levels of quality control. Every battery is constructed using resistance-matched cells, premium-grade battery management systems, and durable enclosures.

Once manufactured, every battery is charged, capacity and discharge rate tested, and then subject to a rigorous final quality control inspection. The end result is a Lithium battery that you, our valued customer, can purchase with absolute confidence.

Like all Provolt Batteries, the Slimline 105 is designed and built in Australia and comes with a 5-year warranty.

105ah useable capacity
LiFePo4 Prismatic cells
120 amp continuous discharge rate
360 amp peak discharge rate
Multi BMS System
655mm x 260mm x 45mm


Model No SL105
Rated Voltage 12.8v
Amp-Hr rating nominal 105
Amp-Hr rating useable 105
Maximum continuous discharge rate 120a
Peak discharge rate 360a
Maximum charge rate 60a
Recommended charge voltage 14.4 - 14.8v
Overcharge cutout voltage- Battery 15.0v
Overcharge cutout voltage- Cell 3.8v
Low voltage cutout- Battery 10.0v
Low voltage cutout- Cell 2.3v
Cell Configuration 1p4s Prismatic
Cycle life >2500 @ 1c 100% DOD
Cell chemistry LiFePo4
Outlets 1x50a, 1x175a, terminals
Weight kg 13.5
Dimensions L x W x H mm 655 x 260 x 45
Charging temperature range 0°c to +60°c
Discharge temperature range -20°c to +60°c

Warranty 5yr Replacement

Due to continuous product development, specifications may change without notice