Solar Controller MPPT MC2430N10 12/24v 30a

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Solar Controller  MPPT MC2430N10 12/24v 30a

With the Solar Controller MC2430N10  of 12/24v and 30a will enjoy the maximum power Point tracking technology MPPT allows to get the maximum capacity of the plates Photovoltaic. Compared With traditional MPPT, the controllers EnergyCell They offer more efficiency in the tracking of the point of maximum power of the panels and speed in the load of the Batteries.With The MPPT tracking algorithm the controller Energycell You can optimize the system efficiency by 15 to 20% more when compared to the traditional PWM controllers found in the photovoltaic market.

General Features

  • Maximum power tracking efficiency of 99.9%.
  • Converter efficiency up to 98%.
  • It works with various types of battery such as: lithium battery, sealed, battery, ventilated battery, etc.
  • It has control of the output current of load, allowing the power of the panels to be greater than that of the controller and not to damage the controller.
  • Automatically identifies lead acid batteries.
  • It has a Bluetooth module that can be connected for data visualization, operating status and modification of the controller parameters through the cell phone.
  • It has communication door with proton MODBUS
  • has protection of Overheating, reducing the output current if the temperature is higher than the controller limit.
  • Temperature compensation and automatic adjustment of loading and unloading parameters help to improve the durability of the battery.
  • It has a short circuit protection of the solar panel, protection of the battery open, TVS for protection against surges, etc.