THUNDER 600W Pure Sinewave Power Inverter

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Keep your devices charged and your appliances powered up during your outdoor travels with the Thunder 600W Pure Sine Wave Inverters. These intelligent devices convert the DC current from your vehicle's battery into AC current giving you access to the same type of 240V power you get at home. The Thunder inverters include overload, short circuit and over-temperature protection and load-controlled cooling fan, which is engaged when power consumption reaches a certain level preventing further damage to your battery. Whether you are looking for a small inverter to run something from your car or camper trailer, or you want to power a range of appliances from your boat, the Thunder 600/1000/2000W inverters have got you covered.

  • Removable 2.4-inch Bluetooth colour LCD display with touch screen functionality for switching the main unit on/off and displaying
    • inverter input voltage
    • amperage
    • output AC wattage
    • low voltage warning
  • Heavy-duty aluminium housing
  • Highly efficient power processing with 90% efficiency
  • Permanent mounting points
  • Low voltage warning at 11.5V with flashing voltage reading on the voltage gauge
  • Shuts down output at 11V along with a visible warning on LCD screen
  • Over/under voltage, output short circuit, over-temperature protection
  • Automatic temperature reduction with the rear cooling fan
  • 3-year warranty
  • Single 240VAC outlet